“Failure is allowing the current load upon your shoulder to exploit you…”

____ Mdu Mathenjwa

Yes, life does rage against you sometimes: You feel as though there is a huge irremovable rock against your chest, and your breath is falling asleep. Occasionally, you want to disappear from the presence of all humans or relocate to another planet. As professionals would say, “I understand your frustration…”  Nevertheless, please allow me to ask you NOT TO FAIL.

failure-mdu-mathenjwaThis article evoked as I thought of how we perceive failure. I will not dwell much on that. No, I am not going to hand a tangible solution to you; neither will I release a motivational or inspirational piece in this regard. All I am going to ask from you is as naked as saying “DO NOT FAIL”, nothing poetic, nothing figurative, and nothing far-fetched.

Failure is allowing the current load upon your shoulder to exploit you: causing you to keep your eyes on it as your focal point; making you a victim instead of a victor towards it. Consequently, you miss all the bliss of having “solutions”. Failure is not you saying, “I’m giving up and letting go!” NO, failure is the inability to conceive joy amidst your current turbulence. How? It is a matter of enforced choice.

Lately, I keep reading what my mentor is posting; everything he writes boils down to one point, which is to rejoice in the process of unfavourable conditions. “Mdu, you are annoying me because you don’t know what I’m going through,” you may say. I do not really know what you are going through, and I do not have a solution for you, but I do have something to ask you to try, though… Say, “Tomorrow is another day.” I say these words to myself in order to rejoice amidst the unfavourable. We do not necessarily need to always look for solutions but to speak to ourselves, as I believe in humans. I believe in your ability to create.


Make that terror war suffer from 30-minutes of loneliness today. Try not to think of it for 30 minutes, don’t worry, you’ll get back to it afterwards if you want to. Look for no solutions but think of tomorrow being another day. Make the war cease, break the bows and bend the spears targeted towards your mind, spirit, and soul. Use 30 minutes of not failing.

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