The Princess and The Frog

The Princess and The Frog

Maximize on productivity

Mdu’s personal story: “After my tragedy of acid burns, who I was changed [attitude, perceptions, and more], but what I was remained [human].” Mdu tells the story of how looking for a job changed his perception after the acid burns; how he was treated by companies, society, and even people he trusted. People have mood swings, personal complications, and more, yet they still have to be at work. The art for a Manager or a leader would be to understand the dynamics of their subordinates, especially in the corporate world, where emotions are suppressed. If you want to maximize on the productivity of your staff, this presentation is yours.

Keynote Presentation Objectives

  • To sensitize the management of all stages in the organisation in living and working with entities;
  • To rid one of the ceiling of underestimating one’s potential;
  • Notify all leaders in the organisation that the attitude of the subordinates, especially the disabled, is made and limited by the leader other the subordinate;
  • Inspire and encourage all participating entities about the importance of working with disabled entities, and how critical it is.

Presentation Time: 60 minutes

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