Dying Pregnant

Dying Pregnant

Discovering best from worst

 “OK, back to the mysterious night: This is what happened…

It was a Sulphuric Acid manufacturing plant; so, my colleague and I had to start-up the whole plant after a major shut down. We began the start-up and in that process, one pump decided to explode. Consequently, acid flooded on me and me alone. Acid ate at my skin and drowned me as I was stolen by its flood. The acid ate at me from the protective clothing to my skin, from that skin to self-esteem, and from self-esteem to my emotions…. I was destroyed.”

This is Mdu’s epic and utmost personal talk… One event from which his life was metamorphosed: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise. Such is the moment where he had to either succumb to him being dead while alive, or keep pushing towards his goals in life, regardless of situations.

If you are looking for self-knowledge revelation and productivity from yourself, sales force, and the entire organisation as a leader, this epic talk guarantees the best results to any entity.

Ideal Audience: Sales Executives and Team | Top, Middle, and Low Management | Entrepreneurs


  • Increased productivity
  • Understanding why you have that task;
  • Finding the best from your worst self, colleagues, and subordinates;
  • Being stubborn until it works;
  • Staying positive and winning;
  • Develop self-confidence and self-esteem;
  • Performing your best in everything you do;
  • Motivated and ready to see another day


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