Don’t Die Pregnant, Push! New Book

Don’t Die Pregnant, Push!

It all began when you were born… As a baby, your pregnancy was to talk, crawl, eat food with the grownups, and your pregnancy journey continued to date. I have this “weird” belief:  human beings are pregnant “women”, yes, you too, mister. We have to nurture what we have in our bellies in order to activate our superiority. However, our life experiences have been impede and pregnancy ceased, and this book guarantees to rid the ceiling that caused us tomysterious-pregnancy-e-book (2) give up from our pregnancy.

After acid robbed him of the “self” that he was used to, Mdu Mathenjwa had to reach deep inside himself to find a new way of living. He has had a number of challenges, which he overcame, however, as humans; there will always be more obstacles. Through it all, he still believes that humans are pregnant of a mystery called “a manual to rule the earth”.

This book conceives evidence that life is all up to you…

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