Overcoming The Fear of Failure

Overcoming The Fear of Failure

Once it passes your mind, you own it! Everything else is mere distraction…

 I remember one client of mine from our publishing company said to me, “Mdu, failure is good!”

Indeed, the gentleman was correct by saying failure is good. One should find ways of metamorphosing failure to success. A number of fears influence organisations, and entrepreneurs. Such encounters bring about failure.

“Overcoming Fear of Failure” focuses on elements that cause one to have fear in any respect within the organisation or entrepreneurs.

Ideal Audience: Sales Executives and Team | Top, Middle, and Low Management | Entrepreneurs


  • Self-Discovery: Unless you know how capable you are on a personal capacity, failure is inevitable
  • Lack of Persistence: Here, we will discover how lack of persistence gives birth to failure
  • And finally, How to Recover After Failure
  • Facing your fears: inspiration

Presentation length: 45 minutes


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