The Most Awkward Day of My Life

The Most Awkward Day of My Life

The 6th of June:

RACE CHAMP!OVAL1This is and will always remain the most awkward day of my life. A day that tore me naked in order to dress me. This is the day from which my character was destroyed to be rebuilt. Through this day, as much as I was scrapped, gratitude is due to it, for I now know more about how much potential a human has.

This marks eight years after the tragedy of acid explosion took place. I cherish, and honour it. As such, I am grateful to be alive, believe me, I should…

From all the toil I’ve been through, a number of things happened…. I was blessed with a loving wife who gave me the most gorgeous son, businesses were established, most of them based on my accident.  More importantly, I would like to send my gratitude to the clients that played an imperative role in my business. Please note that I will mention the companies with important roles only.

  • Anglo American: This marks, approximately, our four years working together in business, and you have accepted us to use methodologies that were never used before. Through your endorsement, our company has experienced exponential growth.
  • Damelin: Your belief in our “weird business nature” and your acceptance therein is amazing. Thank you!
  • Elangeni College: it’s been two years now, and our relationship is growing even stronger, thank you!
  • Rand Mutual Assurance: From the invitation to your launch, to the responsibilities you entrusted me with, and for your professional communication… Thank you! I am still certain you could have hired another entity who could perform the task competitively and relatively better, but you opted for me. I will never forget that.

Life is like business, it can be built through united entities with common objectives. My life may have swayed from the plans I had, consequently, I have lost a number of relationships but I am grateful. Grateful because I only have entities who are of mutual objectives.  Change is good and should be embraced. The 6th of the 6th month will always be an awkward day for me, but I will always cherish the changes it has brought forth.



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